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My values, beliefs and experiences

What makes me, me?

I was born in Nigeria, I am half Chilean and half Swiss, but my short answer to where I am from is always Costa Rican.

In fact I grew up in Costa Rica and basically traveling, learning languages and new cultures, adapting to different situations have played a big part in life.

The different life situations I have gone through made me realise the importance of connecting with oneself and others and in understanding my key role (and helping you understand your role) in trying to give your five cents back to the world.

Personally I understood I have a lot to offer and a huge motivation to live a life style that allows me to do just that; share with you what I have learnt so far, in a wide variety of topics.

From empowering others through teaching using non formal education techniques and facilitating participatory learning activities, to teaching you to achieve a state of awareness, helping heal yourself and solve organisational problems; are just some of the areas of interests I can offer you my guidance on.

In other words, I want to share with you the many life hacks I have picked up along the way in the most creatives ways possible.

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