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Become a facilitator, empower others

Training for trainers: Facilitate, create learning experiences and empower others

Are you already a trainer and would like to get new facilitations skills?

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Are you interested in achieving facilitations skills?


Learn how to engage your audience, and to create learning experiences, that allow your participants to master the skills you are facilitating.

Who is this training for?

For people that want to:

  • Become facilitators using participatory techniques.
  • Want to teach and/or facilitate based on the learning of competencies.
  • Design learning processes.
  • Learn and implement learning techniques that will enable people to apply, instead of knowing.

What will you learn?

  1. Facilitate participatory techniques focused in the learning process.
  2. Design learning competencies you would like participants to master.
  3. Write learning objectives based on the competencies.
  4. Develop learning experiential activities based on the competencies.
  5. Implement adult learning facilitation techniques that will enable the learning process.
  6. Demonstrate trainer’s presence techniques.
  7. Practice meditation exercises that will enable you to be in front of an audience.

What will you be able to do at the end of this training?

  • Design session plans based in the experiential cycle that include competencies, objectives, learning experiential techniques and participatory activities.
  • Facilitate a session plan using participatory techniques, adult learning principles, and trainer presence techniques

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What They’re Saying

Laura is a creative and engaging facilitator. She garners group enthusiasm and commitment from first moments, uniting participants in a deep consideration of ‘what if” themes. Laura cares deeply about her colleagues and participants, an essential trait for a facilitator guiding paths of personal transformation.

Anne BraghettaFormer Peace Corps Costa Rica Country Director. USA

Laura Borel approaches training from a wholistic viewpoint. Mind, body and spirit are all considered as she takes a learner from awareness to consistent application. Watching her both strategize for and practice her craft is, in itself, a study in the transformation process. No space goes unmapped, no post-it note is spared, no “aha” moment is squashed. She visualizes not simply the “end” for a particular training need, but how an engaged, transformed learner will then evolve and grow to create an impact on not just him or herself but on the world.

Karen CampbellMatryoshka Haus. USA

How does it work?

You will:

  • Explore your own experience as a learner or facilitator.
  • Be prompt to use hands on exercises that will allow you to develop and write competencies, design learning objectives and learning activities that incorporate the participation of the participants.
  • Practice facilitating to a group of people, and as a group we will taking learning notes from this experience.
Will this be fun and engaging?
In the course of this experiential workshop practitioners will be guided through group activities that foment learn-by-doing processes and meaningful interactions with other practitioners.

Meet your instructor and why she is the best person to guide you in this training.

Laura has a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Local Development, and a degree in Engineering of Labour Security and Environment Health, as well as a degree in Tourism with emphasis on Hotels and Restaurants.
She has a vast experience in management, operations and personal development.
She has more than 6 years’ experience in training volunteers who worked in local communities in Costa Rica, promoting grass roots development and the participation of community members, based on asset based approaches and non-formal education.
Currently, she travels the world developing and facilitating workshops that allow people to achieve their full potential, mainly in topics as: communication, leadership, empowerment and self-development.

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