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Heal yourself with Sat Nam Rasayan

In Sanskrit, Sat Nam Rasayan means "deep relaxation in the Divine Name" or "abandoning oneself to the essence of the True Identity".

Guru Dev Singh
What is Sat Nam Rasayan?

Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient healing art

It uses purely awareness to heal. The healer enters in an altered state of consciousness, needed to bring healing called Sacred Space.

How does it work?

The healer enters into the state of silence and relates to reality in a neutral way.

The healer feels the event inside, becoming the experience. The healer's consciousness and the patients consciousness are actually one and the same.

In this state of neutrality, the illness is modified while the healer modifies his or her own experience.

What can you expect in a healing session?

You will be lying down and I, as the healer, will enter in a deep state of meditation, allowing the sensations without analysing, interpreting or judging them, but remaining stable in the relationship to the Space and manifest the intention to heal.

By being in this state and being aware, the experience, and sensations are modified, allowing the sickness to modify its manifestation.

The session can last between 30 to 45 minutes, and at the end you will experience a deep state of peacefulness and tranquility.

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What are they saying?

During the third month of my pregnancy, I have gone through very hard pain in my right hip. While this is something very common because of the hormones being released in this specific area - triggering potential misbalanced between right and left hips; and later on because of the gain weight, I really suffered and wasn’t able to walk normally, or even lay down and sit properly. Clearly the nerves and muscles were all tense.
However one morning I woke up and surprisingly was able to move without any pain. I started wondering what have I done to make such miracle happened, when I realised that in a conversation with Laura few days before, she told me she will do her distant healing.
I wouldn’t trust it if I wouldn’t experienced it myself, so for that many thanks Laura!

Vida IthamoneFrance

These are the benefits you will receive

The SNR helps restore health, vitality and balance the
person not only in the physical plane, but also in the emotional, the mental
and the energetic one.

The SNR can help you cope better with these situations:

  • Produces deep relaxation
  • Helps to dissolve blockages and body limitations
  • Free from stress and help you take on the difficult situations of life with greater serenity
  • Activates the body’s self-healing ability
  • Produce an emotional balance
  • More vitality and more positive

Let me activate your body's self healing capacity!

When I started my Kundalini Teacher training I came across Sat Nam Rasayan healings. This experience was so impactful because I felt the impressive healing power. I decided I wanted to learn how to enter in a state of silence and learn to allow the “resistances” so that I could heal others.

I started learning this technique in 2012, and in 2013 got my first level certification.
Since then, I have continued to attend Guru Dev’s trainings all over the world, and continue to be amazed of its healing power and how my perception of self and life continue to evolve.

"The client, while healed, also experiences the meditative mind, that state natural of the mind, exactly as if he were a yogi, thanks to the intervention of the Sat Nam Rasayan healer.
The Sat Nam Rasayan allows the patient to experience the meditative state of consciousness. "

Guru Dev Singh

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