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Have an idea and make it a success

How many times have you thought of doing an event and you say "where to start?"

It's ok, not everybody has organization skills or the time to learn new
tools that can help them improve those.

Perhaps you have had the experience of organizing an event and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, because you don’t know how to organize all the information you need to share with participants and also you don’t know how to manage the information you receive from them.

Believe me I know the feeling of frustration of being overwhelmed. Specially when there is information missing, it makes the organization of events almost impossible.

While being Training Manager for more than 3 years at Peace Corps Costa Rica, I was organizing events every other month for more than 30 volunteers, and twice a year I was organizing events that lasted 3 months and where for more than 30 volunteers at a time.

Feel like a CEO, with clear mind and free of worries

Choose the option that best suits your needs

Option #1

You have a clear idea about the event but do not know how or you don't have the time to manage all the information or the participants registration.

These are the steps

  1. Complete the questionary
  2. You will receive a quote
  3. I will take the burden of your plate

  • Your part:
    • Confirmed the following:
      • the venue, logistical information, program, transportation (if required), lodging (if required), food and beverages (if required).
  • My part:
    • I will register all participants and share the logistical information with all potential participants and request the payment (if possible before the event)
This is my option

Option #2

You know you want to plan an event but do not know where to start. You just want someone to guide you through it.

These are the steps

  1. Sign up for an online consultation and I will guide you on what you need to think about the preparation of the event (bonus you will receive a tool that will guide you along the way)

  • Your part:
    • Sign up for an online consultation
  • My part:
    • I will guide you along the way, so that you think about all the details you will need in order to organize the event
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What They’re Saying

I have employed Laura as an events manager, PA and chief sectary. I have known her for 5 years and I’ve met her through yoga events all through Europe. I would like to recommend her competence in all aspects. Her level of being able to work under pressure, organize and make decisions was something I could rely on. Her knowledge of different IT solutions and online applications advanced our business and vastly reduced the workload off our team.
In summary I found Laura’s skills and professionally an extremely important part of our company and we will find it very hard to replace a person like her.

Jerome ShankarEngland

Laura Borel as an organizer and promotor of events is incredible. She collaborated in the REMAN event, an international event that hosts more than 500 participants and her managing skills were amazing.

Ana Paula Dominguez.Founder and Director of Mexico's Yoga Institute. Mexico.

Meet your organizer

Laura has a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Local Development, and a degree in Engineering of Labour Security and Environment Health, as well as a degree in Tourism with emphasis on Hotels and Restaurants.
She has a vast experience in management, operations and personal development.
She has more than 6 years’ experience in training volunteers who worked in local communities in Costa Rica, promoting grass roots development and the participation of community members, based on asset based approaches and non-formal education.
Currently, she travels the world developing and facilitating workshops that allow people to achieve their full potential, mainly in topics as: communication, leadership, empowerment and self-development.

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